My dad dedicated his life to photography so I have always been surrounded by cameras and lens. By accompanying him to every event he worked I realized that that’s what I wanted to do, even if he wanted me to take on another profession. It was inevitable; since I was very young I dedicated myself to photography, and I find myself to be very lucky to be able to photograph these events and work in something that I love, as 300 weddings later I still hold the same excitement now than when I started. Every wedding I feel the same enthusiasm, the same emotion, and the same energy, be part of such an important moment for two people and being able to see this union so close is a privilege, we are in the first row of the greatest concert.

I feel very honored to be able to capture these emotions and these same emotions motivate my team and I to give our clients the best and be able to give them photos that will show the best memories of their lives.


As for me, I was born in Maracaibo, Venezuela; “The City of the Sun Loved”. My wife Elena is my number one fan that forms part of my team and my support. I also have a baby girl, Natalia, who is my best model in front of my camera who has led me to begin understanding the magnitude of the love that comes to one in fatherhood.

I love my profession, I love my family, and I am very grateful for life to leading me to this profession. I hope you enjoy my portfolio and we get to know each other a little more as we work together and share these special moments.




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I love to be able to capture a couple’s story through a series of beautiful images but still be able to tell that story in one single amazing image. So come check out my work, my blog, and get a feel for what I do. If you like what you see, give me a holler