My passion for photography was ingrained in me from a young age, as I grew up surrounded by cameras and lenses, thanks to my father’s dedication to the craft. Despite his desire for me to pursue a different path, I couldn’t resist the allure of photography, and it has become my life’s work. With each passing day and after documenting 400 weddings, my excitement remains as strong as when I first started. Witnessing the joy and emotion of these significant moments is a true privilege; it feels like being in the front row of life’s grandest concert.


Capturing these emotions is an honor that drives both me and my team to deliver the best possible results to our clients. The photos we create become cherished memories of their lives, and I am incredibly grateful to be a part of it all. I hail from Maracaibo, Venezuela, the “City of the Sun Loved.” My wife, Elena, is my biggest supporter and teammate, and our baby girl, Natalia, has shown me the boundless love of fatherhood.

I adore my profession, cherish my family, and am deeply thankful for the path life has taken me on. I invite you to explore my portfolio and join me in capturing more precious moments as we work together and forge meaningful connections.






Capturing couples' stories through beautiful images, both as a series and in one remarkable shot. Explore my work and blog to get a sense of what I do. If you love what you see, give me a holler!